Building Design+Construction | Green Zone 2012

Moscone Center, San Francisco
November 14-16
The Oregon Solutions Process

The Oregon Solutions Process

What began as an effort by concerned parents, professionals, and school officials in 2009 has grown to become the Oregon Solutions’ Green Modular Classroom Team, which officially includes public, private, and nonprofit partners such as Portland State University’s Department of Architecture, College of Engineering, and Institute for Sustainable Solutions, in collaboration with Oregon Solutions and AIA Portland. The Team also includes modular industry experts Blazer Industries, M SPACE, and Pacific Mobile. This broad alliance is united by the goal of providing a truly healthy and financially viable building alternative to what is currently on the market. The effort has gained political support in the last couple of years as well.

What makes the SAGE classroom project unique, in addition to its focus on affordability, is the process by which it came about. Through the interest of all the parties involved, the project became a vehicle for looking at today’s societal problems through complex lenses of social, economic, and political factors. This broadened perspective has allowed the Team to see this as an opportunity to define and explore solutions to problems that affect the broader community.