Building Design+Construction | Green Zone 2012

Moscone Center, San Francisco
November 14-16

Our Call To Action

Every year, thousands of modular classroom buildings are ordered for installation at school districts across the nation. These modular classrooms, or “portables,” are a response to the struggles most school districts face with respect to both shifting enrollments and serious budget constraints, which are the reality today for most school districts in the United States. Due to these economic constraints, and the general difficulty of funding infrastructure, they are usually designed as temporary structures—as classrooms that must house 30 active students for long hours. As a result, they are built at very low cost and provide inferior, inefficient, and unhealthy environments, factors that have been shown to also affect teaching and learning. In addition, because of the investment in installation and the difficulties of moving them, these “portables” often become long-term solutions. In the past three years, almost 200 modular classrooms have been purchased for use in Oregon’s schools alone, and the demand is growing.